About Sarah



Sarah Rayne is a Reiki Master, a facilitator of joy, and a healing artist. She also the founder of Firebird Healing Arts, a Brooklyn, NY- based healing studio + alliance, which she is planning on expanding to her new home in Portland, OR. Her mission is to help lead others towards re-discovering the joy of natural creative and community practices, to empower them to walk their own path of self-healing. As a queer woman, she is dedicated to honoring and uplifting those communities and identities, while being an ally for people of color, and folks of all identities and beliefs who are in need of support. Her passions include music, art, and nature. She is here to shine her light, in hopes that it will inspire you to shine yours, too!

Sarah's primary offering is Reiki Energy Healing. Sarah completed her first, second, third, and master level trainings with Brooklyn-based Glowing Heart Reiki School, between 2016-2018. She is so delighted to be able to share this miraculous energy in teaching and in one on one sessions. Sarah currently teaches Reiki Levels 1 + 2.

In her sessions, Sarah will work with you to identify areas which are in need of love and attention, whether in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual realms. After a Reiki session, you will leave relaxed & uplifted, and your healing processes will have been activated, so that you can continue to work with Reiki to better yourself and your life. In addition to offering one-on-one Reiki sessions, Sarah also offers Reiki with Love, a special joint Reiki offering, along with her partner and fellow Reiki Master Zack Brady.

In a lifetime full of creative expression & experimentation, music is something that has stayed with Sarah throughout. She is currently working with music and sound to support her healing practices, in individual and group settings. As a singer and self taught multi-instrumentalist, Sarah has been writing and performing original music since childhood. Lately, she has been composing songs with healing in mind- chants, ballads and call-and-response songs dedicated to the earth, the moon, and the inner workings of the soul. Sarah also practices intuitive sound healing, working with tone & vibration to break up stuck energies and augment other methods of healing, such as Reiki & meditation.

Besides Reiki, Sarah facilitates creative & impactful group ceremonies, community events, and workshops and classes ranging from self-empowerment & boundaries, to crafting & meditation.

Sarah is also an experienced event planner & lover of logistics. She has worked on everything from DIY music showcases & zine launches to corporate events, wine tastings, parties, dinners, and healing events and fairs. She is available for consultations or full-scale event planning and production.

She also enjoys lady carpentry, healthy seasonal cooking, bike riding, gardening, and laughter.