Sarah offers beautiful and attentive Reiki sessions, characterized by a sweet and loving energy that pulls from a very pure source. Her skill at maneuvering a person’s energetic field is obvious: during sessions I can feel her pulling my energy in here, creating space there, as she reshapes and heals whatever distortions and misalignments have occurred. Sarah is a gentle, focused, and wholly attuned healer. Her method truly puts the “treat” in treatment!
— Elisia
I have a couple of spots where I experience chronic pain - in my shoulder and lower back. When Sarah passed over them, the sources of pain felt different than the rest of my body. As if the injured muscles were finally relaxing after months- I did not expect that. The whole experience was amazing! Sarah helped me feel comfortable and understand the process. I have been back since and will be back again. I highly recommend a session with Sarah!
— Jennifer
Last year, my life changed completely. I had to go through an aggressive treatment against cervical cancer, and my 20 year old marriage ended abruptly. My body and spirit were weak and imbalanced. Sarah has been helping me on my journey to recovery, and Reiki is healing my body and soul. I’ve been doing it regularly once a week for 5 months now, and I feel incredibly better! I am thankful for having such a committed and dedicated healer as Sarah. The journey feels lighter with the help of this divine energy.
— Maria R.
I’ve had Reiki before, but never in my life have I had as beautiful and noticeably felt Reiki experience as I have when given to me by Sarah and Zack. It felt like some pretty powerful magic was happening and I am so grateful to have had the grace to have multiple healing sessions with them. With all the healers and healing modalities out there today, it’s so special to find people with such sweetness and high vibrations, and without any of the pretension. I’m so appreciative of your open hearts and loving spirits. I hope to keep our connection and look forward to my next session with you!
— Daniella