Eclipse Season

In the depths of winter, it can be hard to escape our shadows. The days are shorter & colder, and there's not as much sun to remind us of the bright side of things.

Although the sun may be hibernating, remember that we always have the radiance of the moon to lend us strength and comfort.

Hers is a different kind of light, with an otherworldly quality. She is cool; reserved. At times shining brightly, and at times disappearing completely. Even when we can't see her, we know she is there. We can feel her grandmotherly love basking down on us.

Her lesson is that we are all dynamic beings, and our emotions are meant to fluctuate in cycles- with the seasons, and even day to day.

We all hold the light of the sun and moon within us, and we are all capable of calling that light to the surface any time we need to. No matter how impossible it may seem in the murky waters of winter, remember that you are capable of creating your own reality!

If there is a darkness within you, an obstacle blocking your path, you can respectfully release it. You can thank it for its lessons, and give it up to the universe to be recycled for the greater good. Use the light within you to propel it forward, and that dark spot in your heart will be replaced with your own loving radiance and joy <3



Sarah RayneComment