On Value // Part 2: Resources


One of the lessons of Reiki (and all forms of healing + energetic work) is that there must be an exchange present in order for the healing to be as beneficial to the client as possible. On the client’s side, this ensures that they are invested in the work, and will do their part to facilitate their own healing, or to allow the healing to occur. On the practitioner’s side, this ensures that they are being compensated for the energy, love, time, and attention that they pour out during the session. They are receiving resources, to refill the store of resources that they are using up during this time. In my work, I have found this concept to be very true, and important to abide by. The question is- how do you determine the worth of something energetic, uncountable, and invaluable— really— in potential? Should you charge what your teacher charges? Your neighbor? Your friend? What about what feels good and right and true for you?

As a person who currently has modest financial resources, and is trying to live in authenticity, pay down her debt, and take good care of herself, I understand how inaccessible the prices of private healing work can be. I also understand why certain practitioners charge the rates that they do. You are paying for their time, their energy, their expertise, the cost of the trainings and courses they’ve taken, space rental, and more. All of those things have so much value, and many have hard costs associated with them, as well.

I am at the point now where I am taking stock of all of the non-monetary abundance that I am blessed to have in my life. I have access to an abundance (unlimited supply) of Reiki Healing Energy, an abundance of knowledge and experience of how to work with Reiki clients, and how to gently guide or advise them when called for, the freedom and privilege of having a flexible schedule, and beautiful space in which to facilitate this healing work.

I am now feeling the call to make the resources that I am blessed with more available to others. Not because the value of my services has lessened, but because value means something very different from one person to the next. I would rather work with more folks, at rates that are valuable yet possible for them, then only work with folks of certain economic privilege. This decision comes from a very heart-centered place of wanting to do this work, help others, and try to be a spark that helps to spread light and joy in this world. Of course, having only been doing client work for about 2 years, I am still at the beginning of my lifelong journey in the world of Healing Arts. I’m sure there will come a time when I will have to re-consider my own worth, and my rates may need to adjust again. Until that day comes, however, I am shifting my private Reiki healing work to be entirely need-based sliding-scale rates.

As of today, the New Moon in Pisces, in the year of 2019, I am adjusting all of my Reiki rates to need-based sliding scale prices. The full rate, for those who can afford it, for a 60 minute Reiki Healing Session is a sliding scale of $80-$120. The alternative rate, for those who cannot afford the full rate, is $50-$80 sliding scale. If neither of those ranges is accessible for you, I invite you to attend one of our Community Wellness Clinics, or to reach out directly to inquire about a barter or trade (which I am open to!).

If you need some assistance determining where you fall on the sliding scale, I am more than happy to help!

FULL RATE // $80-$120

The full rates apply to those who are gainfully employed, and are regularly able to spend money on items to take care of themselves. Those who can buy themselves new clothing or shoes on a semi-regular basis. Those who are able to pay for haircuts, manicures, or massages with ease. Those who are able to go to dinner or a concert or buy cocktails if they feel called. Those who are able to afford an annual vacation and/or put money into savings, and those who pay similar rates for other services. Essentially, someone who is financially stable, able to afford all of their necessities, and then some. If this describes you, I’d like you to reflect on what you can realistically afford within the $80-$120 range. If you can afford the higher end of this scale, that is greatly appreciated, as it also helps to subsidize some of the work that I will be doing with lower income folks.


The alternative rates apply for those who do not fall into the above category. I’d like to especially extend this rate to those who have really been needing some healing and have felt they couldn’t afford it. Those who may be semi-employed, unemployed, or employed at a lower paying job. Those who may or may not be able to cover all of their basic needs each month. Those who may have significant student loan or credit card debt that takes a majority of their income each month. If this describes you, I’d like you to reflect on what you can realistically afford within the $50-$80 range. If you can afford the higher end of this scale, that is greatly appreciated, as it also helps to subsidize some of the work that I will be doing with lower income folks.

I invite you consider these parameters honestly, and select the rate that truly feels right and fair and correct for you to pay. You will not be judged nor asked for proof, no matter how much or little you choose to pay. I simply ask that you are honest with yourself and pay what you feel is a fair exchange for an hour of relaxation and deep healing, which can have lasting positive effects in your life throughout the days and weeks to follow.

I say all of that to say this: I am genuinely looking forward to working with you, and I hope that the expansion of these rates creates an expanded opportunity in your life to access much needed healing & universal life force energy, aka Reiki, aka Love. <3

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