Why (Learn) Reiki?


Because Reiki is love.

Because there are no prerequisites.

Because Reiki is another name for divine healing energy that all people have access to. Because we are not separate from the divine.

Because Reiki is honest, and will kick your ass if it serves your highest good. Because Reiki moves at the pace that you are (really) ready for.

Because Reiki will teach you about yourself, about other people, about the world around you. Because it will teach you about energy, and how it flows through all things.

Because Reiki is a miracle. Because it creates situations where two people can come together to relax & breathe for an hour, connected by the power of human touch, and a willingness to invite healing energy in. Because the world would be a lot calmer of a place if more folks could simply breathe together for an hour.

Because Reiki is a gateway to a lifelong pursuit of spiritual practices. Because it can be an awakening, or it can be a deepening.

Because it is easy to learn, and because you have it for life.

Because Reiki is not the only one, but is the one that planted itself firmly on my path. Because my fate is tangled up in Reiki. Because it led me to my soulmate.

Because Reiki is a trusted friend, and an intelligent ally. Still it understands that I am human.

Because I have Reiki, and I have the ability to pass this gift on to you.

Because the intention of Reiki is to be spread far and wide, in the hands of the many, not the few. Because my heart sings at the thought of having some small part in that.

Sarah RayneComment