Sarah Rayne

is a Reiki Master, a facilitator of joy, and a healing artist. She offers Reiki treatments + classes, tarot readings, sound journeys, and various workshops and community events. She also the founder of Firebird Healing Arts, a bi-coastal healing practitioner alliance, originating in Brooklyn, NY. Her mission is to help lead others towards re-discovering the joy of natural creative and community practices, in order to empower them to walk their own path of self-healing.



private healing

Sarah offers Reiki energy healing treatments locally in Portland, OR, as well as remote sessions anywhere in the world! Reiki can also be combined with tarot readings, sound healing, and intuitive counsel.

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Patreon is a wonderful platform where I am cooking up a lot of magic! If you’re interested in my writing, art, music, healing, tarot, and generally creative work, I invite you to check it out today! Subscription tiers start at $1/month, and include lots of fun extras like postcards, behind the scenes photos, tarot readings, and opportunities for one-on-one work. Come join the fun!



Sarah is the founder of Firebird Healing Arts Alliance, a bi-coastal consortium of healing arts practitioners. Firebird was re-born in Brooklyn, NY in late 2018, and in June of 2019, management of the Brooklyn location was lovingly passed to the exceptional Birdie Lawson & Elisia Guerena. Sarah and her partner Zack “Kat” Brady are currently creating Firebird Portland, and are looking forward to sharing their gifts and building meaningful relationships with local communities and spaces. contact: portland@firebirdhealingarts.com // @firebird.healing.arts.pdx





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