New Moon in Aquarius Musings

new moon aquarius.jpg

Seemingly impossible things happen in every instant.

The universe is a wildly beautiful mess in constant flux, and every incremental inch our planet turns, every mile we move forward in our rotation around the sun, circumstances shift, and new possibilities open up, while others are eliminated. Some doors open, and others close.

In the midst of this seemingly random chaos is also the will of living beings- that steady stream of energy pushing ever forward. Thoughts, actions, needs, and the desire to survive. In following our will, in strengthening it with faith and positive intention, the universe reacts, and if it serves our highest good, there is every possibility that our path will continue along the path of that which we desire.

Birds can chirp happily & the sun can shine, as the trees are bare and icicles glare defiantly below. Each element is simply reacting to its environment to meet its own needs. The birds know that spring will come and soon the grass will be green and the worms will move through the soil and the eggs will hatch. The trees know that soon the sun will return and they will feel the energy of new life moving up from their roots, as tiny buds appear on their twigs, and they make themselves taller and wider and as expansive as they can.

The water knows that soon it can relax, resume its softer form, and continue its journey of being an ally for all life on earth.

What we can do is trust. Trust that change is both possible and certain. Trust that we will receive many opportunities to co-create the life that we want and deserve. Trust that grey skies will give way to blue ones, and that there are lessons in all of it.

We are blessed with the ability to change our minds, and in doing so, change our realities, and that is the most magical gift.

Sarah RayneComment